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Last update :
26th March 2007

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EUMEDIS First results

"ODISEAME: Virtual learning in a multi-cultural environment"
A Multilingual virtual learning space is under construction. Works regarding the design and development of the software platform are already going on as well as those related to the internationalitation of the platform. More details are elaborated in this article.
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"MEDFORIST: Education for e-business"
MEDFORIST started in August 2002, and gathers 16 partners. This project aims at implementing a Euro-Mediterranean network for sharing pedagogic resources in e-business.
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"MED NET?U : The foundations for the virtual Mediterranean University"
The last quarter of 2003, the first lessons produced by the project in Arabic for the Course on Information Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering have been recorded in ROMA NETTUNO production studies. The collaboration of Cairo University has been pivotal to this end. The achieved results are covered in this article.
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"SMITE: Web-based Node for the food, textile and hotel sectors"
The goal of the SMITE project is the development of a Mediterranean Web Node for the SMEs of food, textile and hotel sectors. An interactive, multimedia and multilingual informational system will support SMEs in improving their competitiveness and adopting prevailing environmental policies and practices.
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"EMED TEX NET: An innovative tool for the textile industry"
The Mediterranean countries are particularly concerned by the dismantling of the Multi-Fiber Agreement and the markets opening after 2004 and they are showing a deep interest in the project to improve their competitive position on the European markets.
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"MED PRIDE: Promoting the new tools for SMEs growth in MEDA"
The present project is very complex and requires a significant effort for the synoptic overview of its phases, to be done mostly through the use of information and communication technologies. An overview of the activities is provided in this article.
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"ICT MED SME: A large analysis toward the construction of a virtual community"
The project proceeded according to the planned path based on five complementary objectives, which are explained in this article.
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"EMED TDS COM: An important tool for the AGRI-FOOD sector in MEDA"
The project produced a deliverable aimed at providing a logical framework for the partners in the definition and eventual identification of the component part of the Agri-food sector.
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"EMISPHER: Telemedicine and training reach the partners"
The project has been implemented with relevant success and satisfactions of local partners. The main achievement to date is summarized in this article.
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"EMPHIS: The operational networking is active"
During the first year of operations, the main global achievement was the creation of an operational EMPHIS network.
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