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EUMEDCONNECT II - Extending the Mediterranean IP backbone - Phase II - B7-4100/2000/2165-088

Eumedis Project number: B7-4100/2000/2165-088

EC Project code: 

Contract "signature" date: 2002-11-15

Planned duration: 44 months

Planned end date: 2006-07-14

Total Budget: 12.256.206,40 ?

Sector: EUMEDConnect


EUMEDCONNECT addresses Strand 1 Lot 2 of the EUMEDIS initiative as specified in the EUMEDIS Technical and Administrative provisions. It aims to improve connectivity for research and education within the region by providing additional IP infrastructure within the Mediterranean region and by providing access to GEANT (the pan-European network for the research and education community). EUMEDCONNECT aims to foster research collaboration between the European and Mediterranean regions, and assist the pilot IP applications being funded through EUMEDIS Strand 2. The project will be coordinated by DANTE partnered by the organisations responsible for 4 of the European national research and education networks (termed EU-NRENs) and representing GEANT, and with the cooperation of the EUMEDIS partner countries' research network organisations.


This project is planned to implement the recommendations of Phase 1 of EUMEDCONNECT which are summarised as follows:
1) To procure and operate international network infrastructure within the Mediterranean region for research and other non-commercial purposes.
2) To connect the Mediterranean network infrastructure to the GEANT pan-European research network, and thereby to any other research networks accessible through GEANT.
3) To make the infrastructure available on a subscription basis to the MED-NRENs and allow usage by Information Society Pilot Applications projects supported under Strand 2 of EUMEDIS.
4) To promote good practice in providing effective network services within each beneficiary country
5) To plan during the Phase 2 project for a smooth transition beyond Phase 2.


EUMEDCONNECT seeks to address the objectives and priorities of the EUMEDIS Programme, specifically Strand 1 Lot 2 as set out in the EUMEDIS technical and administrative provisions.
Internet connectivity is a relatively scarce and expensive resource in the Mediterranean area. By boosting international links to GEANT and within the reagion, the EUMEDCONNECT aims to
1) Foster the development of cooperative research programmes between the European and Mediterranean research and education communities;
2) Stimulate competitive behaviours by telecom and service operatiors in the Mediterranean area;
3) Provide infrastructure that supports the deployment of Information Society applications, initially through the EUMEDIS pilot projects;
4) Quicken the overall economic development rate through modernisation of key sectors and the most active layers of Mediterranean societies;
5) Foster cohesion by allowing the maximum number possible of MED-NREN's to benefit and applying equitable policies for resource allocation (recognising the different starting points in terms of current levels of service, service costs and of state of development of research networking).


The project aims to improve the infrastructure available to participating MED-NRENs capabilities for international research networking between Europe and the Mediterranean, with the aim of fostering greater collaboration and cohesion between the regions, and within the Mediterranean region. In addition it aims to provide a cost effective platform for EUMEDIS Strand 2 pilot IP application projects.
It is hoped the project will also accelerate the development and adoption of the commercial internet with the Mediterranean region.
It is an important aim of the project to transfer skills and expertise between the European and Mediterranean research networks during the project. Work Package 7 has been specifically established to address this.
The principal intended output is the successful delivery and operation of the Mediterranean IP infrastructure.Additional outputs will be delivered to promote the development and usage of the infrastructure to key groups.
EUMEDCONNECT has the potential to accelerate the development of connectivity for international research within the Mediterranean region, with benefits for the wider economies and societies of the region. Its benefits could be extended into the wider economies with longer term benefits for development and prosperity in the Mediterranean area.

Web site:

Project Coordinator: David, West (more details ...)

Leading partner

United Kingdom

DANTE Research Network []

Participating Partners


Centre de Recherche sur l'Information Scientifique et Technique


Cyprus Research and Academic Network []


Egyptian Universities Network []






Inter University Computation Center []




National Information Centre []


National Council for Scientific Research []


University of Malta []


Comite de Gestion de MARWAN Network []

Palestinian Authority

Government Computer Centre []




Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology


Réseau National de la Recherche Scientifique et la Technologie


The Turkish Academic Network & Information Center []