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Last update :
26th March 2007

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EUMEDIS Actors Overview

The EUMEDIS Communication will be rolled-out towards specific targeted Actors.

The prime Communication Targets are the EUMEDIS Programme Community:

  1. EC Administrations, who will have facilitated access to information about the EUMEDIS Programme facts and progress.
  2. EUMEDIS Pilot Project Partners require a communication platform to disseminate project successes and lessons learnt.
  3. Focal Points, which need to be regularly informed about the EUMEDIS programme successes.

Other Communication Targets that were identified:

  1. General Public: the European Citizen/Taxpayer is informed that financial resources made available to the Programme are being put to a good use. The Grand Public (i.e. Euro-Mediterranean citizens and SMEs) is informed of the services and benefits provided by the EUMEDIS national bodies and institutions.
  2. MED Countries and Territories, who are benefiting from the EUMEDIS Programme.
  3. Country Government Administrations, who want to be informed about the EUMEDIS Programme and can potentially contribute.
  4. Private Companies with interest in the commercial spin off opportunities as consequences of the Programme activities.
  5. Interested Parties (R&D Centres, etc.) who want to get involved in the existing or new upcoming Pilot Projects.

EUMDIS Actors Overview - 54.8 kb

The primary targets of the EUMEDIS initiative are hospitals and other medical research institutes; chambers of commerce and industrial federations; universities, research and professional institutions; public and private research centres; museums (including NGOs promoting cultural heritage); those players involved in the promotion of tourism in the region. The secondary targets are other organisations and the public at large who will benefit from the services provided by the above mentioned national bodies and institutions.

The implementation of EUMEDIS is taking place in consultation with the Euro-Mediterranean Information Society Forum, which provides for an assessment of experience in the region and the feedback of the civil society on the effects of the programme.

The table below provides an overview of all participating EUMEDIS Partners within the respective EU and MED countries and territories:

EU Partners MEDA Partners
Austria : 2
Belgium : 3
Denmark : 3
France : 38
Germany : 6
Greece : 21
Italy : 62
Netherlands : 1
Portugal : 3
Spain : 10
United Kingdom : 4
Algeria : 24
Cyprus : 17
Egypt : 24
Israel : 8
Jordan : 22
Lebanon : 18
Malta : 14
Morocco : 25
Palestinian Authority : 13
Syria : 19
Tunisia : 27
Turkey : 24
TOTAL : 153 TOTAL : 235