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26th March 2007

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The EUMEDIS Objectives


To contribute to the expansion and qualitative improvement of the Euro-Mediterranean Information Society in the pursuit of the overall economic development, quality of life and mutual comprehension, and understanding the objectives of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

Overall Objectives

  • The acceleration of the overall economic development through the modernisation of the most strategic sectors and the most active layers in the non-EU countries covered by the MEDA programme.
  • The reinforcement of the tools and methodologies to support mutual comprehension and understanding of the different MED countries’ and territories’ cultures.
  • The overall improvement of the quality of life as a direct consequence of the large scale deployment of regional Information Society initiatives in various fields of activity in the MED countries and territories.

Expected Results

  • Harmonious development of ICT technologies across the MEDA region.
  • Improved telecommunication resources available for research and academic institutions.
  • Increased networking between EU and MED actors in selected sectors through updated technologies.
  • New professional competencies/new electronic platforms available to extend ICT application in MED countries and territories.

First Steps

Strand one funded the establishment of focal points in each of the 12 non-EU Mediterranean Partner countries with the purpose of developing an information exchange network. Further under the Strand one, resources have been allocated to support the interconnection between EU and non-EU Mediterranean research networks.

Strand two focuses on networking to promote contacts and collaboration between institutions in different countries, developing the dissemination of new technologies and contributing to improved integration of the non-EU Mediterranean Partners into the Information Society environment.

Strand two has funded regional pilot Information Society projects in five priority sectors of intervention:

  • healthcare networks
  • electronic commerce
  • tourism and cultural heritage
  • industry, research and innovation
  • education

The primary targets of the EUMEDIS initiative are hospitals and other medical research institutes; chambers of commerce and industrial federations; universities, research and professional institutions; public and private research centres; museums (including NGOs promoting cultural heritage); those players involved in the promotion of tourism in the region. The secondary targets are other organisations and the public at large who will benefit from the services provided by the above mentioned national bodies and institutions.