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26th March 2007

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EUMEDIS, developing the Information Society in the Mediterranean region

Even on the ancient shores of the Mediterranean, globalisation is bringing fundamental changes. Established structures and reference points are being displaced at a fast pace as a consequence of the flows of people and ideas, of goods and services. The only way to creatively build a common future is to participate together in the construction of a path of change.

The Barcelona Conference acknowledged this, saying that ?the traditions of culture and civilisation throughout the Mediterranean, and dialogue between these cultures and exchanges of human, scientific and technological level, are an essential factor in bringing people closer, promoting understanding between them and improving their perceptions of each other?.

For the peoples of the North and South of the Mediterranean, the immediate concern is to stop tackling uncertainties and international change separately, but together, while also respecting their differences. The dialogue between people and cultures must therefore play a decisive role in creating a Mediterranean area which ?holds together and makes sense?.